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My name is Isil

I help international professionals do the career changes so they can be naturally, truly, authentically themselves and shine from inside out. I am a certified professional coach (ACC). also a trainer, writer, speaker, founder of Younich and Move to Munich and a life enthusiast

I am a Turkish expat in Germany with 12 years of experience in online business development, product management and marketing and I have done a big career change (twice!).

I am a bit crazy, they say. I am just being myself even if I may look sometime funny or goofy to some people. I have this thing since my childhood, I could easily notice the greatness of people, their superpowers. I love bringing people together and I am a sucker for deep conversations. I believe in serendipity and create space for it.

I am a person who believes in you.

My Story

I graduated from a top university in Turkey and had a “successful” international career of 10 years in project and product management. Thanks to my specialization, I got a job offer in Germany and moved there (here. I live in Munich, Germany). Although I loved the company and the people I worked with, I could not motivate myself for the job anymore. From outside, it looked like I had everything: I had a good salary, a manager that appreciated my input and supported me when I needed; I had wonderful colleagues with whom I also liked spending time outside of the office. I was feeling sad and guilty because I did not like the job and I did not feel like doing much, but I wanted to do good enough because I was getting all the benefits and it was not fair to the company which was paying me. I was torn inside.

I knew I had a potential to do something else, something meaningful but I did not know exactly what. So I started a quest to find out my “dream job”. I attended many workshops, read many books, took coaching and in the end, I decided on coaching. The funny thing is I knew all along that I wanted to do coaching. I was just scared so I found excuses, I evaluated other alternatives, I kept myself busy with other things. Once I listed all the things that mattered to me and all the things I am good at, it was clear as day that I had to pursue coaching. And here I am.

My coaching qualification

I am a certified coach, I hold an ACC credential from the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

I take coaching very seriously. To be able to serve my clients in the best way possible, I have completed an ICF accredited coaching training (ACTP) of two years which was composed of physical coach specific training, reciprocal coaching with feedback of a mentor coach, conferences, publishing a scientific article about coaching and passing an exam that was composed of a real coaching recording being evaluated on the terms of ICF competencies.

I am continuously improving myself and my coaching skills by attending workshops and joining reciprocal coaching programs with other coaches.

I am a member of ICF Global and ICF – Germany and I am committed to the professional and ethical standards of ICF.

I have been coaching professionally since 2016. In result of our sessions, my coachees took on completely new careers, got their dream jobs, moved to their dream countries, tackled difficult life situations like divorce and sickness and changed habits by finding and resolving underlying issues.

If you also want to make a great change in your life and you are willing to do the work required, I would love to work with you!

How can we work together?


What my coachees say

“The moment I started my coaching sessions, there was a thorough change happening in both my personal and professional life. I was having extreme discomfort and was not able to understand what was the cause of this and how I could come over it. During the sessions, I realized and accepted first of all my negative feelings and discomfort. Then questioning my feelings and their root causes, I came across to the reality that it was my work that caused so much anxiety at me. It was challenging and tiring sometimes, because the truth is not always pleasant but you have to learn, to accept and to move Forward.Isil´s approach and guidance was very crucial in this journey of mine. First of all, she always asked me the correct questions through which my awareness was facilitated and most importantly in a very gentle way. With her personalized and gentle approach, she provided me the secure environment where I travelled within myself. During this, I always felt secure and taken care of without any offense. Security was crucial because this confrontation process removed most of my personal barriers and challenged my core pillars. Last but not least, her concrete attitude made me strong and enabled me to internalize the process. With her facilitation, I was able to rebuild my professional and personal pillars. I am grateful to have these sessions with her and look forward to implementing what I learned from this process throughout all my life.”
Read the rest of Ashal’s testimonial here.

Before I started working with Isil I was preparing to apply for a position. I had the feeling I needed support to prepare for that. During our work together I received guidance and input that allowed me to rethink how I ‘brand’ myself, plus hands-on help on my application materials.  In result of our coaching sessions, I realized that I can position my assets to the market. I could see better the value I can add to a company. I like Isil’s non-instructive approach and the space she provides for the coachee to think and reflect. I felt comfortable and had the feeling that I do not need to be perfect, but show my assets.


“Before the coaching I had a hard professional choice in front of me, a crossroad and was not able to clearly identify which direction to take. During the session we investigated the reasons that brought me to the crossroad, we investigated pros and cons of each of the 2 options and then putting everything in correlation. As a result of the coaching I started to rationalize the pros and cons of each of the choices in front of me which in the end helped me in reaching to the final decision few days later. I guess the session triggered the rational side of my personality which was blocked under the emotions I was experiencing. Isil as a coach listens carefully and is always focused which makes it easier for who’s talking to share. She always brings the discussion on track and doesn’t let the point of the session get lost. She challenges the discussion when things being said seems to be contradictory to previous affirmations – this helped me a lot to think over again and understand the reason of the contradiction and it might help in answering some questions.”

If you work with me…

  • You will have a lot of fun because I like having fun so I always include some crazy exercises (this is the intended) and because I might be really clumsy and create scenes (this is unintended). (This point is valid for the workshops)

  • I will be yours. With my eyes, ears, nose…Fully present at your service for your goal.

  • It will be real and sometimes I will be on your face as I deeply care about openness, otherwise I would be putting a wall between us and that is too sad. You mean more to me!

  • We will probably have some emotional time as well. As opening up comes to letting wounds seen, bleed and then they can heal.

  • After working with me you will say “I’ve got the power”. You will see (as I see) how powerful and wise you are and how well you can put your powers in use.

I want to live in a world

where we are open to each other and we trust each other. Where we create with joy, with our full being. And show our creations proudly. We reproduce joy through our creations and through sharing.

I believe…

that we find a way to live meaningfully. We have enough resources for that.

that we are all good and wise.

in love and that we should protect our capacity to love.

that we are connected and get affected from each other.

I want to observe what beauty is suppressed behind “the right way of living”, the usual way.

Let’s break the cycle and create our own ways. The world needs this because we were born for this. We were born because we were needed with our talents. It is not only our responsibility to ourselves to find out and live the life using our talents but also to the world.

What you may not know about me