Unique Careers, Unique Lives 

All of us feel stuck at one point in our careers and in our lives, we cannot see a way out. But some people do. They see a way, they take action and they create unique careers and unique lives.  And this is what this podcast is about. Every week I will interview a guest and explore how they got unstuck and created their unique careers and unique lives. Will you join me? Let's begin!

Latest Episode

Stop Hiding and Start Making an Impact

with Mina Fung

Stop Hiding and Start Making an Impact with Mina Fung
In this episode, my guest Mina Fung shares how she stopped hiding behind learning and created multiple businesses and made an impact on people's health, wealth and happiness.
Challenge Yourself to Learn and to Live with Duygu Yuruk
In this episode my guest is Duygu Yuruk, who is one of the most successful people I know. She became[...]
Leave The Status Quo Island with Allegra Stein
In this episode my guest is Allegra Stein. Allegra is a coach, champion of the unknown. helping awesome people do the things they really, really want to do.
Discover Your Uniqueness
In this episode I talk about what it means to be unique, why it is important to bring our uniqueness to the world and how we can discover our uniqueness.
From: Your Heart, To: Favorite People, cc: Universe
I talk with Gaby Feile, founder of Klub der Kommplizen and an accomplice herself about how one finds the clarity about what one's vision/ mission is and how her career story brought her to who she is and what she does today.
Becoming an Entrepreneur with Ceren Sungu Kalpaklioglu
My guest in this episode is Ceren Sungu Kalpaklioglu who talks about how to become an entreprenuer.
Check In and Blend In with Frank Jaeger
In this episode my guest Frank Jaeger talks about how to check in with yourself and blend in what's inside of you to make career changes.
Getting Unstuck and Finding Work You Love
Isil shares her story with finding work she loved, creating Younich and what the conversations taught her about getting unstuck & finding work you love.
Open Ended Ever Changing Journey with Ineke Vermeulen
In this episode my guest is Ineke Vermeulen, senior marketing manager, public speaker, lecturer, leader and mentor.
Being an Artist – Living as Art – with Sezgin Inceel
In this episode my guest is Sezgin Inceel, musician, music teacher and academic.Sezgin tells the story of how he changed his career direction to music, at a relatively late age, what inspired him to do so, how he find a balance for himself to create art and live without much concern for money.
Be Before You can Do – with Elena Marsh
In this episode my guest was Elena Marsh who is a leadership transformation coach and we talked about her career change and how to be a leader
My Story, Story of this Podcast, Story of Others: Stories that complete our picture – with Isil Uysal Calvelli in Unique Careers, Unique Lives Podcast Episode 4
Listen to my story, how my story is connected to your story and how this connection led me to create Unique Careers, Unique Lives.
Communicate to Connect with Peter Wallin – Unique Careers, Unique Lives Podcast Episode 3
In this episode my guest was Peter Wallin, who is a communications trainer and consultant. We talked about career change, communications and being human.
Making the Jump with a Parachute with Maja Arsic
In this episode I talk with my friend Maja Arsic about her story of leaving her corporate job and creating her business.
Finding Your Strength with Mihapower
In this episode of Unique Careers, Unique Lives I talked with my friend Mihaela Udrea a.k.a. MihaPower about her story of how she became a fitness trainer.

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