Younich = You + unique + niche
(and a bit of Munich*)

I believe you are born with powers unique to you that brings the world to where it should be. And the part to be played is only unique to you. It builds a niche that can be filled only by you. And every second that you don’t put that talent of yours to use, that niche is growing….

The world needs your unique talents to get where it should be.

Let's get you to a power position so you can start your revolution

To change the world with your unique powers, you get to be in a power position.  Power position in your own mind and power position around other people, in your private and in your professional life. That starts with getting to know yourself, knowing your values, your strengths, what you enjoy, what you don't really like. It continues with getting comfortable with talking about yourself and your ideas, getting comfortable and enjoying the process of showing yourself and your work in an authentic way, in your unique way. This is my mission.

Is this You?

Let me guess...

You were raised as a well-behaved child. You respected the rules. You did not raise your voice. You were modest, you still are. You do not talk much about your knowledge and accomplishments, you don't want to show off. You strive for getting better, being a better person and learning from mistakes. You are kind, you want to be kind. Sometimes you are even too kind that you do things you find useless just not to offend other people, you suck up things that bother you just not to bother other people.

I appreciate your being good, your being kind, your being modest! But how has that worked for you?  

Are you where you want to be?

If you are where you want to be, where you believe you deserve to be, perfect! Congratulations!

If you are not, you might be feeling it in the following ways:

  • Maybe you are suffering in a job you don't like
  • Maybe you are angry at the world for not giving you the job/ promotion or project you deserve
  • Maybe you are disappointed with yourself for feeling like you do: insecure, afraid and small

What opportunities did you miss for being too kind? Being too modest? Making yourself small? Being too focused on self improvement rather than trusting in your abilities and going for it? What did these cost you? What will it cost you if you continued to act like you do? What will it cost your loved ones? What will it cost to your children, your grandchildren? What will it cost the world when you stay small and don’t take the power positions to shape the world only you can do? 

It is time for you to stand up, speak up and start your revolution!

What previous coaching clients say about our sessions:

I rebuilt my professional and personal pillars...

The moment I started my coaching sessions, there was a thorough change happening in both my personal and professional life. I was having extreme discomfort and was not able to understand what was the cause of this and how I could come over it. During the sessions, I realized and accepted first of all my negative feelings and discomfort. Then questioning my feelings and their root causes, I came across to the reality that it was my work that caused so much anxiety at me. It was challenging and tiring sometimes, because the truth is not always pleasant but you have to learn, to accept and to move forward. With Isil's facilitation, I was able to rebuild my professional and personal pillars. I am grateful to have these sessions with her and look forward to implementing what I learned from this process throughout all my life.

ASHAL Y.  //  Department Director

What blew me away was the clarity I gained...

I was living some anxiety moments and having doubts about starting my company. 

Isil and I engaged into deep conversations and I felt comfortable to open myself to her. She had good questions and was able to discern my difficulties. She guide me in pragmatic ways, how I could observe life's moments from a different angle. Very effective!  Right after, I felt empowered and lighter. The coaching gave me tools and reflexions that I could use on a daily basis. What blew me away, was the clarity that I gained. I now know how to deal with emotional flows when they come. Instead of re-acting I can be proactive. That takes a lot of weight of my shoulder. Isil’s coaching style is effective and powerful. I felt confident and fully understood. She left me the space to present myself and my believes.

ANNIE LEBRUN  //  Entrepreneur

I could see better the value I can add to a company...

Before I started working with Isil I was preparing to apply for a position. I had the feeling I needed support to prepare for that. During our work together I received guidance and input that allowed me to rethink how I ‘brand’ myself, plus hands-on help on my application materials.  In result of our coaching sessions, I realized that I can position my assets to the market. I could see better the value I can add to a company. I like Isil’s non-instructive approach and the space she provides for the coachee to think and reflect. I felt comfortable and had the feeling that I do not need to be perfect, but show my assets.

S.B.  //  Consultant

Are you ready to experience the power of coaching yourself?

Işıl Uysal Calvelli

Hi, my name is Işıl!

I want to help good people (like you) come to power positions so they can change the world in their unique ways and the world gets where it deserves to be.

I believe the best way to serve you is through coaching and I take it very seriously. I hold an ACC credential from the International Coach Federation (ICF) and I am committed to the professional and ethical standards of ICF. 

Who is this Işıl?

(with the weird name)

I am Turkish and hence my name. It means shiny and I want to shine. I believe we all shine when we are truly, naturally, authentically ourselves and our light changes our surrounding, the people around us and the world.

I enjoy learning about life through books and through stories of people. I love deep conversations, asking questions, writing, travelling and dancing.

*I currently live in Munich, Germany which I moved through love and I write about this city on my blog Move to Munich. Apart from coaching and writing in the blog of Younich, I am also the co-founder of BeCoach Academy which provides professional coaching training in English in Munich.

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Yeah yeah, everyone is a coach now....

What makes you different?

I can literally hear you asking that question right now.

It is a good question and I love good questions. This is actually something think  makes me different too. My coachees and people I work with often tells me that I do ask very good questions. Partly due to my coach training and experience but mostly due to my unique talent of noticing areas of importance and digging deeper.

Let me come back to your question and answer you with data. Yes, there are many coaches out there but not that many who have trustable credentials. I am one of the 180 coaches in Germany who holds a credential from ICF.

This is what I think that makes me different:

  • 1
    I do create space for new awareness to arise. 
  • 2
    I am creative and I run extremely fruitful brainstorming sessions in my coaching and training.
  • 3
    Due to my past work experience as a customer experience expert I notice patterns that stick out really quickly and provide feedback to you that helps you shift your perspective. I provide feedback not based only on my perception but in the context of your goal and who you want to be. 
  • 4
    I challenge you to wear the hats of other parties you are in the game with such as your manager, the recruiters and the people you want to connect and cooperate with. In our sessions we make sure you come across authentically as you wish to and still serve to others.
  • 5
    I create a secure space for you to open up. You can tell me anything, there are no judgements. You have the right to feel whatever you feel. But you can change that if you like and I will be there with you.
  • 6
    I come from a business background, Marketing, product and project management and digitalisation have been my areas of interest. I can understand if you feel resistance to "personal development" which became a hot topic with no meaning. I cannot develop you, I can go in the journey with you, help you to clarify who you actually are by unleashing the hidden parts of you with feedback and self discovery, clarify what you really want in life and be your partner in crime achieving your goals with accountability and with coming up with creative strategies.
  • 7
    I care about who you are. I believe in you. I have been where you have been. (See a video below)

This is what my coachees say about what makes me different:

Isil always asked me the correct questions through which my awareness was facilitated and most importantly in a very gentle way. With her gentle approach, she provided me the secure environment where I travelled within myself. During this, I always felt secure and taken care of without any offense.

Ashal Y.

Project Manager

Isil as a coach listens carefully and is always focused which makes it easier for who’s talking to share. She always brings the discussion on track and doesn’t let the point of the session get lost. She challenges the discussion when things being said seems to be contradictory to previous affirmations – this helped me a lot to think over again and understand the reason of the contradiction and it might help in answering some questions. 

Marco P.

Product Manager

Isil’s coaching style is effective and powerful. I felt confident and fully understood. She left me the space to present myself and my believes

Annie Lebrun


And they also say...


Isil’s coaching style is engaging which lets me to self discover, as if having an honest conversation with myself.

Dr. Tarik Bozoglu


Isil is a good listener. The way she summarizes, filters and reflects my own words, made them sound even better. She is empowering, motivating and energising.

Firat Vural


Isil’s way of coaching is Inspiring, courageous and passionate. 



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