In this episode, my guest is Mina Fung, who is the founder of Pull Impact and podcast host of 10X Vision. Her big Why for anything she does is to inspire others to seek change and take action to create a life worth living and build a business worth growing.

She is also the co-founder of a community called Wifa Global, which brings professional women leaders and entrepreneurs together to connect for economic opportunity and upward mobility.

I know Mina from Forward Link, the alumni community of Akimbo Workshops, which is founded by Seth Godin. We had a lovely online connection and I was delighted that she accepted my invitation to join me in the podcast.

Why you should listen to this episode:

Mina has a wonderful career story that involves upper management positions in the big corporates to leaving with nothing, from starting and failing in multiple businesses to running multiple successful businesses and leading a happy, healthy, wealthy life. How did she do it, or better how is she doing it every day? You’ll hear in this episode.

What I take away from this episode:

Sometimes we may keep on learning as a way of hiding. We might be afraid to share what we know – afraid of being judged. But there is so much we know that can make an impact. We need to figure out how to bring what we know to others that will be useful to them.

“I started to hide behind the learning. I kept learning and hoping because failure was too hard to take.”

Mina Fung, Unique Careers, Unique Lives Podcast Ep. 15 22:25 – 25:18

If you are not happy with your work, you can plan your exit. Mina had a cliff jump and she suggests conscious planning unless you cannot take it anymore. She suggests approaching life as an explorer with a beginner’s mind. The earlier you start to explore the better. You can take on multiple projects, follow the things you enjoy. And you can just ask people if you can work with them. 

The people are the most important component of the work, also when you want to start your business. If you have your connections, your customer base, you can figure out how you can support them the best way and offer your services and products.

For a business to work really well, we have to develop from outside in. That means we have to know our customers really well and reverse engineer it back to how to start it or how to pivot or how to grow. At the same time, we also need to work on ourselves because business is actually really hard, it is a long term journey. If we want to do well, so in order weather the seasons, or the storms, we have to be really strong inside. It will help us to be a good listener, a good observer, be more empathetic for ourselves and others when we or they make mistakes.

Mina Fung, Unique Careers, Unique Lives Podcast Ep. 15 10:13 – 11:00

Vision is the catalyst for your success. How big is your vision? 10x it and you will see if you really like things to develop the way you are planning now.

When you don’t have vision, you might be making random choices. If you are making random choices and doing random things, you will be swimming in the sea of randomness.


Everything I do has to align with my vision. I have to see where I’m going. Then it’s easier for me to make decisions, to say no to things and yes to real opportunities.

Mina Fung, Unique Careers, Unique Lives Podcast Ep. 15 3:53 – 4:56

What you feel as a failure might be the beginning of a beautiful success story. You learn from everything you do and experience. That was how it was for Mina.

Mina is describing how her art business which although failed, helped her to start her next business.

I enjoyed so much the conversation with Mina! I hope it inspired you too!

Episode Notes

During our conversation, I asked Mina about the multiple businesses she was managing. Here are the ones that she mentioned: She is the founder of Pull Impact, founder & Strategic Advisor of M+ Consulting and co-founder of Wifa Global network, which she founded with Kristi Klassen.

She is also the host of the 10X Vision podcast, which you can listen to on any major podcasting platform or on her website Pull Impact.

If you’d like to connect with Mina, you can do so on LinkedIn or on Twitter @FungMina.

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