Every 4th episode is a solo episode. And this time I talk about what it means to be unique, why it is important to bring our uniqueness to the world and how we can discover our uniqueness.

Why You Should Listen to This Episode

Would you call yourself unique? Do you know what makes you unique? How much do you really know about yourself? And how can you get to know yourself better? If these questions sounded interesting to you, you should listen to this episode.

Episode Notes

1:32 What is unique and why your uniqueness is important

2:57 Why we hide our uniqueness

5:49 How it feels like when we fully embrace ourselves and share our true selves with others

8:27 A model to discover more about ourselves: Johari Window

10:07 Examples from my life how I discovered things about myself through feedback of others

15:05 Three practices to increase your knowledge of yourself: 1. Asking for feeback 2. Self reflection 3. Experimentation

Three Practices to Get To Know Yourself Better

1.Ask at least five people that know you.

  • What am I really good at?
  • What are my natural strengths and talents?
  • Knowing me what you’d be saying I would be doing really well?
  • What would you be paying me for to help you with?

2. Practice self reflection when you are doing something in important to you, when you have a work to present when you have created something when you just took an action, or after a day, after a month or a year, take the time to reflect.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What did I notice?
  • What did I notice about myself?
  • What did I notice about my strengths?
  • What does this tell about who I am? And who I want to become?
  • What pitfalls is this showing me that I should be aware of?
  • What will I do about these pitfalls?

3. Do something new

  • What were you always interested in?
  • What do you find interesting what seems exciting that other people do and you haven’t done yet?
  • What little step Can you take?

Experiment, take action. And then go back and do the reflection in the step two.

These three practices will help you to find out your uniqueness and to feel more comfortable presenting it to the world.

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