In this episode my guest was Peter Wallin, who is a communications trainer and consultant.

Peter Wallin is one of the calmest people who possesses a wast wisdom and he had a huge impact on me during the time while I was making my own career transition. I wanted to know how he has become the person he is today and his story.

Why you should listen to this episode

Peter made a career change from being an English teacher to being a communications trainer and consultant. He wanted to create more impact, he took action, he connected with people and created a new career path for himself. In this episode he shares what supported him in this change, what impact he wants to create in this world and how we all can communicate and connect better.

You’ll like this episode if you want to change your career, if you genuinely care about people and if you enjoy listening to stories (Peter is a great storyteller).

The key messages I took away

As my previous guest Maja, Peter also mentioned network being the key player in his career change. It was through connections he tried out something new which initiated a huge change for him.

The change started by meeting his mentor, who acknowledged his talent, supported him to develop it, gave him feedback but also sometimes a (metaphorical) slap on the face.

One big slap was that when he was talking about his work, he was only focusing on himself. He learned to focus on the change the client experiences. And now this is the meaning he finds in his work.

Most of us want to found our own businesses but Peter realized that when he is working in the company, he can do the work that he loves and leave work he does not really like to other colleagues, who love doing that work : It is a win win situation!

Path of becoming a communications trainer and consultant started with the acknowledgement of his talent by a famous keynote speaker and trainer. Now it seems like the same is happening and a new path is being paved.. more towards the direction of therapy. How important it is to do work with other people and see ourselves through their eyes, learn to see our strengths through feedback of others!

Episode Notes

4:12 Peter introduces himself

6:01 How he ended up being a consultant

12:44 How his mentor supported him – and a story of a “Metaphorical” slap.

17:27 What his mentor saw in him and his strengths

23:35 What made him want to change his career

27:30 Where he felt stuck

30:50 How he wanted to first create his personal business but then how he realised he loved working in the organisation

You can contact Peter Wallin on LinkedIn or via e-mail at pgwallin@gmail.com

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If you think someone needs to listen to this episode, please share it with them. We will change ourselves together, we will change the world together, we are in this together!



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