You don’t know what your next step in your career would be? Ask. You don’t know what you are good at? Ask. You have a new idea and looking for partners to realize it? Ask.

We were told to figure things out ourselves.  Don’t ask because 

  • you look weak
  • you look incapable
  • you burden people

But asking is beautiful.

Asking means you trust the other.

Asking means you trust yourself and don’t see this act as a definition of who you are.

Asking means giving the possibility of helping to someone so they can feel good and valuable and important.

Asking means you are giving your hand to another person to hold it – it is an invitation for a connection.

Asking is beautiful.


P.s. Read the book “The Art of Asking” by Amanda Palmer (or better listen to the Audiobook, she reads it herself and sings some songs too) to fall in love with asking.

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