Feeling stuck in your job and in your life? You probably know that this is not you, but you cannot see a way out? You are not alone. Many people feel this way and many did. And there are people who were in your shoes ones, and then changed their careers and lives into what they love so they can be who they are. You can learn from these people’s stories. You can extract what they did or did not do that supported them on their journey and you may want to experiment with what you learned.

I have something to support you! I launched a new podcast: Unique Careers, Unique Lives. Each week I will interview a guest and learn their story of how they got unstuck and created their unique careers, unique lives.

Listen to the podcast episodes and read the show notes here: www.younich.com/podcast

We humans have a very special skill, we can visualise future outcome and possibilities. We don’t have to experience misfortunes ourselves to get the lessons, we can learn through other people’s learning and sharing. If we want to develop a trait in our character, we can emulate it from a person who has it and practice it to make it our own too. That’s why I see sharing people’s stories very important and I am excited to bring you the stories of amazing people.

Welcome to Unique Careers, Unique Lives!

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