You asked yourself questions, you created a vision, you set yourself goals. You got excited about the actions you need to take to achieve your goals. You started working with full motivation. You worked for hours on day one, on day two you kept on going, on day three you started seeing this as a thing to do… by day 10 you had to drag yourself to do it.

Does this sound familiar?

If you felt that way you are not alone.

And it is not about you.

I recently experienced it myself. I started working on the projects that excited me, that were life changing, that were energising. But slowly my motivation diminished.

You know why?

Because I thought it was all about me.

I was thinking of my project as a single entity and as only for myself. I was blaming and judging myself for not having the grit and not persevering. I was trying to remind myself how important it was for me, how I was excited in the beginning. But all this self talk still left me with discouraged, unenergetic and unmotivated emotional state.

Very soon things started happening in my life that changed it all. A friend told me how she loved receiving my newsletters, a long time no see friend wrote to me to ask for an opinion, I joined a mastermind group which gave me the space to talk about my projects, which enabled me to hear myself back through them and feel support and trust in my abilities, another friend wrote me and told me how I was inspiring her, I got to know an artist, joined her community in Patreon and got influenced by the creativity, openness and sharing. All these made me realise that what I do, my projects, my goals are not only about me. 

My work, my projects, my goals are for me and for everyone around me.

My work will benefit people who need it. That is obvious. But it will also benefit my family, friends, colleagues, people I meet in occasions and people I meet on the streets. Having worked on what is important to me will change me, will give me more energy which will change the energy around me, me launching my project will help someone who feels insecure about himself see that it is possible, it will change the “story” they thought was true, it will change their reality. Having launched my project will make me happy, and in turn make the people who love me happy. Having launched my project and people buying it will not only help me financially but help me contribute more to the communities I am in, help me support more artists and creators, give back to people who have influenced me and invest in more learning to be able to give more.

I was not alone, I was with everybody, with my loved ones, friends, family, colleagues, friends circles, communities and with the extended human family.

If you feel you lack the motivation, do this

1. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who will your project, goal benefit?
  • What will be the effects of you having completed your project / having achieved your goal?
  • Who will be effected positively from that?
  • How will your having reached your goal change you?
  • And how will this change influence others?

2. Keep remembering the others

To keep yourself motivated, you can list all these people who your goal will benefit and think of them every time you work on your goal.

3. Involve others actively

Let your loved ones know about your goal and ask them to check in with you about how your goal is progressing and ask them to remind you about what it meant to you and to them.

You can go one step further and create intentional groups. First one can be a close knit duo: you can work with a coach who will believe in you, remind you what mattered to you, challenge you and keep you accountable so you keep taking action. Second one can be a (mastermind) group with people who have goals like you so you can support them and they can support you.

If you lost your motivation, remember this is not only about you.

We are watching you, believing in you, waiting for you!

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