Apart from being a professional coach and running Younich, I am also the co-founder and trainer of BeCoach Academy, which provides coaching training in English in Munich.

And today BeCoach Academy celebrates its first birthday!

I am going to tell you now the story of how BeCoach Academy came into life and how it can relate to you.

In 2015 I had decided to become a coach and I wanted to surround myself with other coaches (believing in the “you are the average of 5 people you hang out with the most). I searched the internet and found a meet up called OpenDays Coaching Club.

I went to Chinese restaurant where the meet was organised. A group of 6-7 people were sitting around the table. I shook hands with all and took  my place. Soon after ordering our food and drinks, we started with an activity. There was a mini treasure box on the table and what we had to do was to take a piece of paper out of it, read out the quote written on it and tell the group what it meant to us and how it related to our lives.

Every one shared something that meant something to them. There was openness, intimacy, connection. I had never attended an evening like that before. I went to the organiser to tell how I felt and said I would love to hang around and support her. I have been hanging out since then. This was how I met Elena, my co-founder of BeCoach Academy.

Elena was running workshops with OpenDays Coaching Club already and I also wanted to try but I had never done it before. She supported me to come up with a workshop idea, create the content and deliver it. She acted as my test student and gave me feedback. She was there when I ran the workshop to support me and give me more feedback. 

In the meantime I completed my coaching training and we were continuing running workshops and meet ups for members of the club. (I got more confident delivering workshops by then) I realised more and more new members were joining the club with the goal of learning coaching and becoming coaches. I suggested to start running an Introduction to Coaching workshop, Elena agreed and we announced it to public. The workshop was a success, we had more people attending this event than all our other events. Most of the attendees wanted to know how they could get the accredited coach training like I did and I knew no academy in Munich that offered an accredited coach training in English.

That “not knowing” followed me some time in my head. I loved coaching. I wanted to continue deepening my knowledge in coaching, I loved interacting with people and supporting their learning and there was no coaching training in Munich. Why can’t we do it? I shared this idea with Elena. She told me she had always wanted to have an academy. Now that it seemed like there would already be potential students, why wouldn’t we start?

And we did! It was the beginning of BeCoach Academy. And it was today last year we founded the academy officially.

“Opportunities do not float like clouds in the sky,  they are attached to people. If you are looking for an opportunity, you are really looking for a person.”

Ben Casnocha

Today we celebrate the first birthday of BeCoach Academy. If I never went looking for coaches, I would have probably never met Elena. If I hadn’t met Elena, I wouldn’t probably dare to offer my first workshop and gain enough confidence to offer the Introduction to Coaching workshop later. If I had never given the Introduction to Coaching Workshop, I would have probably never met people who were interested in coaching training. If I had never met the people who wanted to have coaching training and couldn’t find one, we would probably have never opened the coaching academy. It all started with me looking to connect with a coach.

Whatever you want to do, achieve, go ahead and connect with people who do that, who need that, who know about that. Even though you have a vague idea. 

The opportunities, the confidence, the clarity you are looking for will come with your connections.

Who will you connect next?

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