Do you eat too much? What do you need?

Do you drink too much? What do you need?

Do you spend hours and hours scrolling through your Instagram feed? What do you need?

Do you go shopping and buy things you don’t really need? What do you need?

Do you binge watch Netflix shows till morning? What do you need?

Most of us get angry ourselves for one of the reasons above. 

What if I say that it is nothing bad. It is only a way of getting what you need. 

Maybe you need some self – care, maybe you need some excitement, maybe you need some comfort, maybe you need some joy and these above are the ways of getting it. You don’t like it? Then change it. That was one way was attending to your need. You can find other ways that you are happy about, that you will not judge yourself for but you will be proud of.

But the first question to start with is:

What do you really need? 

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