Lost a friend yesterday.

Losing thousands of friends that I haven’t yet got to know every day.

Hey friend,

Now that you are here,

I want to tell you I love you.

I care about you.

I need you.

We need you.

You carry with you million years of knowledge that was gained through experience, hardship, fighting with the odds and winning,

You have everything in your genes, in your mind, in your heart.

You got this.

You were born as someone special. You are still this one special. You are the one.

You have something in you that we all need.

We need you to find it, nurture it, to bring it out. 

I know friend, life is not easy. There are man made rules, expectations, norms. Maybe some does not make sense to you. Maybe you set yourself on a road just to comply with these expectations and forgot whose road that was. You  got lost. You got hit by strong winds, sand filled your eyes, your mouth dried like desserts, you fell on your knees and hit your chin to the floor. You are very tired and you have no energy to get up.

That is okay friend. Rest some. But remember soon there will a nice rain, that will wash away the sand from your eyes, that will wake your body up with a cool touch and give you energy. You will get up, open your mouth and drink some. Maybe you’ll start walking and see new landscapes and choose different roads.  Maybe our roads will cross somewhere there. You will definitely meet great people who you’ll take new journeys with. They are waiting you there. Believe me. Believe it. Believe in yourself.

Where you are standing now – or lying – is just now. Rest some friend. But know that you’ll be walking. The weather will change. You will change.

We wait for you friend. We need you. We love you.

I love you.

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