We lose ourselves in the daily business, we focus on our struggles, we focus on our future goals, we forget about what matters.
What does matter to you?

A great reminder to focus on what matters is death.

Yes, death.
I have a note hanging on my wall that says “You are going to die”. But I still keep on forgetting.
When you know that you may not be alive tomorrow, what would matter to you today? What would you love to leave behind? What do you have to say? Who does have to hear it from you?  You may not have tomorrow, but today, but now.
I got reminded on it again this week. Through the story of Claire and Zach.

They both had terminal diseases. They were wise beyond their ages. They radiate an amazing light. They knew they were dying and they decided to enjoy every moment. Their message  to us is that we don’t have to wait to enjoy every moment till death comes at our door, we can do it right now!

Death is inevitable, living a life you are proud of is something you can control” – Claire Wineland

Claire goes on to explain what life is all about:
“Life isn’t just about being happy. … It’s not about how you feel second to second,” she said. “It’s about what you’re making of your life and whether you can find a deep pride in who you are and what you’ve given.”

Good questions to ask yourself right now:

What are you making of your life?

How much pride can you find in who you are and what you’ve given?

If you are not where you want to be, what will you do to feel this deep sense of pride ?

Life is finite.

Whatever you are busy with – the struggles or happiness – they are all temporary. But you can make the best of your time here. You are still alive.  Go and make a life that gives you a deep sense of pride. Now.

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