I made it my purpose to support people who feel stuck in their jobs, current situations find a guiding light and follow it. I believe we all are able to find solutions to our challenges, we just have to ask the right questions, tune down the emotional noise and learned thinking patterns, clear up the fog and reach to the bright waters: our awareness and wisdom.
As I was wondering how people were experiencing the struggles related to doing work they love, I conducted an extensive research. I talked to 35 people and I found out that work is indeed a big challenge in people’s lives.

Doing the work you don’t like hurts – physically and emotionally

The biggest need of the people was stop hurting. The emotional burden of doing work you don’t want is unbelievable. Most of the people I talked to mentioned how they were feeling pain in their body, they were having headaches, chest aches, feeling tired all the time.
I heard many times “I am not myself anymore. I became someone else”. They mentioned how they did not want to do anything, did not want to see anyone, they were sad most of the time, crying often; they were angry and impatient. They stopped caring about themselves, most of them told me they gained weight.

It is challenging to find the work you love

When I asked them what they had tried to take themselves out of this situation most of them felt helpless. The biggest challenge was that they did not have the energy to search for solutions, to search for another job. The ones that found the energy had another challenge. They did not know what else they could do. The guidance of most of the websites, courses, books did not help. They did not know “what they loved”. They worked so long at something they did not like that they lost touch with what they liked. The ones that had a distant memory of what they enjoyed were put off with the assumption of having studied something else and having worked in another field and only in that field for very long. They saw no chance of finding a job at what they liked and studying again was not an option as they were in their 30s or older and needed to earn money.
Another challenge was feeling alone. Not having anyone to talk to. The friends/ family either did not understand (because from the outside everything looked amazing – great job with great salary) or they were tired of listening to the same thing over and over again. They felt a longing for a companion who would understand how it feels.

Work is more than a medium to support us financially

When the conversation got gloomy I wanted to bring it up and asked how it would be if they had the work they loved. Nobody mentioned about money or lifestyle. What I heard was living with joy which would show itself in everything they do: working with passion, having good relationships, caring about themselves and their own body… They described me a sense of purpose and meaning, a deeper trust in themselves and the world, the motivation to learn more about what they do, creativity to contribute to the world and the people. Their voice became a happy music, and I could feel their face lighting up when they were speaking.
But then again quickly the self doubt creeped in and they ended up saying “But I have no idea how this can be done”..

It is possible

I have an idea… Actually I know how this can be done. Because I did it. I could relate to all of the statements above but now I am a changed person. Now I know how it feels to do the work I love. I feel inspired every day, I am grateful, I am energised, I feel I contribute. I have many ideas and I want to work more because it feels good. I can be who I am without any reservations.
How about you?  Can you relate to the statements of my interviewees? What are your struggles with doing the work you love?
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