You are a leader and an artist!

I was in Porto the last week. There is a river called Douro passing through the city. We rode the tram line along the river and walked 500 meters after the last stop and BOOM! We were by the ocean.

The ocean was wild. I sat there and listened to the sounds. (Play the video below and continue reading with the sounds in the background).

I looked at the location where the river joined the ocean and I got an epiphany.

We are all leaders

We all are attracted to a bigger force. We all want to join in the higher energy/ power whatever you may call it. But we are currently at different energy levels and at our current energy level, we have to exist, we have to be there so the particles with lower energy can move towards us and we can move towards the higher energy with more force (I know that scientifically what I said is ridiculous and the rivers flow because the water flows from the height but this is an epiphany, an inspiration I got so bear with me).

We are all needed in this game and we have to stand up straight and make us known with who we are. We are all leaders. Not in the way that we show the way but we are landmarks, we set standards with our existence and behaviour which influence people around us and help them move forward.

We are also artists

I define artist as someone who creates by looking deep inside of herself; who turns emotions and thoughts to matter, movement, sound and visual; who can provoke emotions, thoughts and actions in others. In this sense, I think we are all artists if we live fully. We are artists of life when we create the life that is planted in our hearts, when we interact with others being ourselves fully with our authentic thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

We are leaders and artists.

Time for questions

You know how I love questions! I love the space questions open even if there is no answer at that moment. The space is a deep breath, a fresh perspective, a moment of rest, a chance to create something new. So I have some questions for you:

  1. What do you create? Which thoughts, which emotions, which artwork?
  2. When do you feel you live your life fully?
  3. When do you feel the most authentic? When are you fully you?
  4. How do you know this is the most authentic you?  What do you recognise in yourself?
  5. What do you feel when you are fully you? How is your surrounding? What is present in your life at that moment? What does not exist in your life at that moment?
  6. What is currently in the way of being your authentic self forever, 24/7?
  7. What can you do now about it?
I am curious about your answers. Your answers can take you to deeper discussions, revelations and great changes! I would love to know about them and witness to do wonderful changes you create.

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