Goodbye 2017, welcome 2018!

2017 is gone and long live the 2018!

I love 2018 from the beginning on because the first day of the year is a Monday! Start of the year starts coincides the start of the week. What a good sign! (If you have not already noticed I am a fan of patterns, rules of things etc.)

so satisfying!

I always write about how important it is to look back and note our successes. Ending of the year and start of a new one is a great opportunity for that. So I took time and reviewed my 2017.

2017 was a year where I let my self free and searched my soul.

I decided to turn my passion into my full time business.

I believed in myself and gave myself a shot at times even when it felt very difficult. I acted on even when there was a slight chance of winning and getting what I wanted and it always paid off. In all occasions I ended up with a positive result and more trust for myself.

I stopped the downward cycle of bad eating and weight gain, changed the habit and saw the results. I lost 12 kg and felt more happy and balanced in my emotions.

I met beautiful people, connected with them and learned from them. This was not only because they were who they were (very very nice people) but also because I looked for support, I showed up and I offered support.

I completed important pending projects that I was postponing by making them my sole focus for the time being. This was challenging but very rewarding.

I saw the fruits of regularly showing my work. I got business cooperations and an invitation to speak at an event.

I worked on something that was important for me: getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. As I was taking on an important step in my life (making my passion my full-time business) I have foreseen an important challenge that could stand on my way: my automatic reaction of escaping from discomfort. I had many memories of quitting things that were interesting just because they got uncomfortable. No way I was going to let it stand on my way this time. I wanted to work this muscle of being ok with being uncomfortable and thought Bikram Yoga could be a great practice for doing that. 90 minutes of yoga in 38 degrees. I signed up for a trial period of 30 days and set myself the challenge of going there everyday. It was like hell! In the first 2-3 days I felt like fainting a few times, I had to stop and lie down on the floor. 2nd week got much better, I learned the signals of my body, I could push further. I was curious how far I could go. I did this for 26 days (didn’t manage for 30 days but that was ok). This was a huge success!

After I was done with it, I wanted to continue this getting comfortable with being uncomfortable training with running. I had decided I could not run based on my past trials where I couldn’t even run 2 km and had given up the idea of running. Many of my friends on the other hand picked up running lately, one of which was a dear mastermind member. Hearing his goal, I thought I could give it another try. Now that I was a bit more comfortable being uncomfortable, this could be a place where I could implement these new mental skills. I created a training plan and I ran every week. I managed to increase my running distance to 13 km from 2. And it felt great!

In 2017 I got more aware of my talents and took on more activities where I could put them into use. I got more motivated to write, to gather people together, to create images and texts, to open up space for understanding, to acknowledge people, to thank more. I re – introduced activities that I gave up because of my focus of finishing projects back into my life.

Honesty became even more important in my life and honest conversations brought me closer with some people and ended the friendship with other people. But it felt right in both ways in my heart.

I jumped in to the occasions to learn more, to share more.

I felt gratitude working, supporting, learning from my coachees and beautiful people in my life.

Now coming to things that did not go so well…

I had a few projects where I worked with half motivation because I had procrastinated them and they lost their relevance, their spark when I took them on. A lesson for me is to act on the idea asap from now on.

I let my crazy mind take over with negative scenarios for longer time because I was scared of “empty mind”. it touches the alarm buttons of “control” when I don’t do and I don’t think. I am aware of the controlling self. I understood its purposes and I could give it comfort. Now in the new year I am going to say hi to it and thank to it and put it aside whenever it comes.

I had a few instances where I responded with “I should” even though I did not want to. I feel obliged because of some learnings of “it would be a shame otherwise”. It didn’t harm me in big way but I lost some time and money. But I gained a big awareness. Like the controlling mind, I know this “I should” feeling now and I will not respond automatically, I will choose my response.

Especially in the last 4 months I put myself and “the joy of life” in a second place. That decreased my energy, effected my motivation and effectiveness at work too.

All in all 2017 was a great year

The title of my last year could be “Opening to possibilities trusting myself and taking a courageous step forward”

My goals for 2018…

I will act with a bias towards imperfect action (credits to Danny Iny).
I will show up.
I will be courageous every day. When the choice is between hiding and being courageous I will always choose courage.
I will thank more and express my love more.
I will create every day. I will write, speak, draw, dance whatever creation I desire.
I will stay honest and loving even if it feels difficult.
I will be aware of my finances.
I will celebrate my successes every day, little or small.
I will celebrate successes of people around me.
I will read and move my body daily. (In fact I plan to read one book a week)
I will have moments of silence to listen to my body and connect with my heart.

Now you!

What would be the title of your year 2017?
What were your biggest successes? What went well?
What didn’t go so well? What did you learn from those? How will you move forward with this learning?
What do you wish for 2018?
Who will you become to achieve what you wish? What are the steps that will take you there?
What could be possible challenges? How could you foresee these challenges and manage them if they appear?
What are your weapons to get where you want? What and who could support you?
What are your first milestones for your goals?

I wish you a wonderful 2018!

I wish that you live everyday fully, listening to your heart and putting yourself out there with all you’ve got. I wish you see the fruits of your efforts and get even more motivated to create more. I wish you take things in your hand and take steps forward to your goals, to the life you desire even if there is a risk of falling. You will fall forward and move forward. I wish you give space for sweet coincidences to occur and act on those. I wish you love and feel loved, by yourself and by others. I wish you shine for yourself and we get to feel the warmth of your light.

All the best,


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